Defending SQL in Azure

Gisli Gudmundsson
2 min readJun 8, 2021


Microsoft has provided some awesome tools named Azure Defender for SQL, and the benefits are enormous. Currently, to provide some attack defending such as SQL injection or detecting some anomalies, you had to buy 3rd party tools, which were kind of expensive. Note if you know a toolkit that is equal or does more than Defender for SQL witch is not expensive, then let me know; I can then maybe add it to this blog later. So what are the main features of Azure Defender for SQL?

  • Protect SQL injection attacks
  • Detect anomaly in queries
  • Detect anomaly in database activity

To enable Azure Defender for SQL, you can do the following. Note that I have already created an environment with an SQL database, and I will use it for the demo. Open up the Azure portal and access the SQL Database as seen in the screenshot:

My database

Next in the menu, find Security Center under the Security and click on that link.

The security center in the menu

You should see a button that says Enable Azure Defender for SQL. As you can see, the price is $15 per month for a server, and you have a 30-day trial to test this. This will take a few moments to be enabled after clicking the Enable Azure Defender for SQL. When the enablement is done, you can see the data in Security Center.