Getting started with Bicep

My friend Freek Berson just wrote a book named Getting started with Bicep. So, I thought, why not try to master Bicep? Since it will, in theory, replace ARM templating (what I mean in theory is basically you really don´t need to learn ARM templates). I´m not too fond of ARM templates since they are messy, and one can easily be confused when you have a big template, not to mention if you are debugging the template, it can be a little bit buggy to debug the bugginess. Anyhow, I just bought this book from Amazon, which you can get…

If you have Azure Lighthouse then you can use that for cross tenant PIM, currently, it is under public preview but this would help those who are utilizing the Zero Trust model. You can read more about the announcement at this URL

What is Azure Lighthouse? Well, it is a tool for you to manage certain aspects of Azure that you have defined. This definition is created through ARM templates. You can deploy these ARM templates through the Azure marketplace or import them if you have the username and password for that particular tenant. …

Yes, I have started a podcast with my good friend Einar Lárusson who has the webpage We are talking about technology, azure, and powerful platform and what we can do with it. We will have Icelandic guest stars with some great stories to hear about; however, the only issue is that everything will be in Icelandic.

If you want to give us money and sponsor us, you can do so by sending me a message. We will use this money to buy better podcast stuff.

Why would you install and configure Azure PIM? Well, the answer is straightforward; it makes the security better within Azure. So what is PIM? It is a solution to allow only access to a privileged role within Azure only when needed, so instead of having constant Global Administrator access, you must request it each time you need to do administrative tasks. Now since Global Admin is the highest admin role there is, it would be best to push the roles that are only required, so if a user needs to change something related to SharePoint, then the user must request…

If you build a connector between Workplace and some other application, you need to do a few things. For example, if we create a scenario where we have changed the privileged group “Domain Admin “in Active Directory, we can send a Post message to the Workplace API. Doing API Post calls will help “IT admin “monitor groups within the Workplace if there have been changes in this group. …

Microsoft has provided some awesome tools named Azure Defender for SQL, and the benefits are enormous. Currently, to provide some attack defending such as SQL injection or detecting some anomalies, you had to buy 3rd party tools, which were kind of expensive. Note if you know a toolkit that is equal or does more than Defender for SQL witch is not expensive, then let me know; I can then maybe add it to this blog later. So what are the main features of Azure Defender for SQL?

  • Protect SQL injection attacks
  • Detect anomaly in queries
  • Detect anomaly in database activity

When we try to decide what API we should use and deploy, we go through different scenarios, e.g., what type of applications are connecting, how many users will use the API, and many other things we need to think of. In this blog, we will create an API using Python and FastAPI framework; we will containerize it using Docker, and from there, we will publish it to Azure. This blog is a follow-up to a blog from where you can deploy the docker container to Azure using Azure DevOps.

Prepping the project

First, we need to install Python on our computer, but…

Það er pínulítið í umræðunni að sjálfvirkni sé að fækka störfum og það er svoldið rétt þar sem við erum að sjá verslunarstörf fækka. Enn í staðinn koma önnur sérfræðistörf eins og tölvunarfræðingar sem eru að þróa hugbúnað eða breyta umhverfinu þannig að sjálfvirkni muni taka við störfum. Þarna er verið að færa verslunarstarfi yfir í tölvustarf, enn þó að þetta sé að gerast þá er samt sem áður meiri fjöldi starfa sem mun fækka enn fjölga, þ.e. að kannski fyrir eitt sérfræðistarf þá fækkar það kannski um hundrað verslunarstörfum.

Minni tekjur

Eins og gefur að kynna að þegar störfum fækkar þá…

Athugið að ég mun hafa þetta blogg inni aðeins í stuttan tíma og mun taka hana út. Ég vill ekki ræða þetta við fréttamenn eða aðra nema nánustu, enn fréttamiðlar mega senda þetta í prentun ef vilji er fyrir því. Ég mun ekki gefa upp nein nöfn.

Þetta er búið að vera í maganum á mér lengi hvort ég eigi að segja frá þessu eða ekki enn einhverra hluta vegna verð ég að segja frá enn ekki til þess að fá vorkunn, heldur er ég að vekja athygli á því að strákar geta lent í ofbeldi alveg eins og stelpur…

Since I posted my last blog, but since I´m working in the university, have two user groups to manage, and a family, it has been sitting back in the queue to write new blogs. There was a request from a person in the PowerPlatform User Group in Iceland that requested to get more details on JSON and how to use Powershell with JSON. We will be using both a JSON file and an online website to invoke rest requests to get more feel.

To start with, we will take a look at how JSON structure is built up.


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